All work should be submitted electronically in Word, Google Docs or comparable word processing format.

All work must meet deadline, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, typically length should be between 275 and 1000 words. That’s a lot of leeway, and we don’t want you to obsess over word count, but anything much shorter can’t really be called an “article” and anything much longer loses people who would otherwise be interested in it. If in doubt, shorter is better.

Everyone has his/her own style of writing, and, while our editors abhor bad grammar or obviously poor spelling, we don’t always follow a stylebook. Personal style is always unique and even memorable.


  • Caribbean Heritage Magazine does not purchase articles that are not supported by acceptable photography.
  • Caribbean Heritage Magazine does not pay extra for photographs (images) submitted with an article.
  • All photographs must be sent with the article and may consist of prints, and/or images taken with a high-resolution digital camera.
  • Caribbean Heritage Magazine does not accept negatives. 
  • All images may be submitted electronically
  • Each image must indicate the photographer’s name. The author assures Caribbean Heritage Magazine that all submitted images created by someone other than the author are submitted with the photographer’s permission.
  • The author may suggest and clearly indicate where each photo (with accompanying caption) maybe placed in the body of the article.


Payment for articles is determined by the quality of the article and its value to Caribbean Heritage Magazine’s readers.

Rates are negotiated between Caribbean Heritage Magazine and the author.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, payments will be made no later than 15 days after publication.